Design a product to help improve the experience in a fuel/recharge station.
Conducting research into motorcycle refuelling as motorcycles take up much less space targeting a solution the the parking issue in Wellington. It will also be taking steps towards a more fuel efficient society with the first steps before moving towards electric mopeds.
Sketching exploring a pump handle that fits a motorcycle pump valve, with automated lock-off making fuelling easier.​​​​​​​
Final Design.
A stand alone flue pump for mopeds and motorcycles for urban spaces. Making mopeds more enticing saving space, increasing fuel efficiency, improving the fuelling experience and anticipating the electric moped industry. 
Equipped with a designated pump handle design, self service option, helmet hooks and storage space for gloves and other equipment.
Constructed using steel framing with recycled Replas plastic panelling. The base is cement poured with reinforced beams meeting safety standards when dealing with petroleum.

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