Design a product the help assist the elderly making everyday life easier.
Conducting surveys and interviews I identified the following activities as some of the most difficult everyday duties: Unloading/hanging the washing, bending down to put on shoes, using small objects such as the TV remote, getting up from a low seated position.
o experience these struggles we undertook a-day-in-the-life testing to better understand and empathise with our users.
One of the biggest struggles was bending over to put on and take off their shoes.
So I decided to design a comfortable shoe that will be able to tighten and loosen without any bending or adjustment with hands.
The shoe will adapt the existing boa system used to tighten snowboard boots with a spring mechanism to tighten and release the lacing.
Paper protyping exploring the wrapping of the foot and placement of the tightening mechanism. 
Final Design.
The motion of putting on the shoe is similar to that of a slipper, using a drop down heel so the user can slide gently into the shoe.
A singular lace is used that runs through guides on the shoe upper and the drop down heel. The lace is wound around a spool in the heel compartment. When the user steps into the shoe the pressure in the heel tightens the laces, to release the user presses against the heel compartment with the other foot or a walking stick.
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