Produce 6 identical vessels. The vessels will contain one moulded piece that is crucial to its design. The moulded piece will use a 3 part sliding mould using only hard tooling practices. The vessel must also contain either a lid, hinge or handle.
Protoype made using a lazer cut MDF timber, including a living hinge to curve the hard wood.
Using a 3D print the hinge mould is cast from builders bog. Resulting in a 4 part sliding mould with two entry points. The pieces are cast using Barnes resin. By brushing on the release agent I am able to get a wood grain texture to contrast well against the timber.
Final Products.
Flip is a pencil case made form NZ pine and cast resin. With a working hinge the cover rotates around to make a stand. The case holds up to 20 pencils.
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